Our Tipis

Tipis (some time referred to as teepee’s or kata) are ideal for parties, weddings and events for as many guests as you need. A single tipi can fit on a decent sized garden lawn giving space for up to 70 guests.  For more guests we simply link the tipis together creating amazing spaces.

The giant tipis are based on the traditional dwellings of the Sami people from northern Scandinavia and are constructed from solid spruce wooden poles giving them exceptional strength (more than traditional marquees) in high winds. They’re incredibly waterproof and are warm and cosy in the coldest of weather while on hot days the sides can be raised to form a brim, similar to a giant hat, providing cool air and shade.

Our tipis have a range of beautiful lighting options so events can last well into the night and are easily heated to keep the chill at bay. We supply the tipis to you with carpet and seating for your required number of guests.

At most tipi weddings or events you will want to celebrate and party.  Our tipi hire prices include the installation of a dance floor along with spot lighting and mirror balls as standard.  If you are planning on a band or other entertainment we can provide a stage at no extra cost.

The tipi canvas is flame retardant so you can relax around one of our eye catching fire pits as the evening draws in or feel free to create an intimate atmosphere with beautiful candles.

Our tipis have a wonderful natural look with the exposed wooden spruce poles seemingly rising like trees from the ground. They provide a great blank canvas for you to personalise as you wish and can accommodate all themes from festival to opulence.

A single tipi for a small party of 72 guests including firepit. Photography by Gerrard Photography

Tipi Numbers

  • Structures

  • Seating for
  • Footprint
  • Height
  • Build time

  • 1 Tipi

  • 30 – 72
  • 11x11m
  • 7.5m
  • 1/2 – 1 day

  • Tipis

  • 70 – 120
  • 11x21m
  • 7.5m
  • 1 day

  • 3 Tipis

  • 90 – 180
  • 11×32 or 21x21m
  • 7.5m
  • 1 day

  • 4 Tipis

  • 120 – 240
  • 21x32m
  • 7.5m
  • 1 – 2 days

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum capacity of the tipis?

It largely depends on the furniture required per tipi but as a rule of thumb we tend to say one tipi can hold up to 60 people each when linked.  A single tipi can hold up to 72 guests based upon nine tables of 8 arranged in a radial manner around a fire pit.

How much space do the tipis need?

The exact space needed will depend upon the numbers of tipis being erected and if you need a catering tent linked onto the structures.  The footprint of the structures are listed above and a catering tent can add from 6mx6m to this.  When we set up we’ll also need a few additional metres to the footprint to be able to layout the poles on the ground before they’re lifted into position

What are the dimension of the tables?

Our rustic pine tables are 2m long by 70cm wide.  They consist of three lengths of wood with a 2cm gap between each so if you’re planning table decorations it’s best not to hide the gap otherwise glasses can easily topple.

Do you provide a bar?

Yes – We can provide rustic pallet bar structures with the tipis and they’re roughly 2m long, 1m high and 70cm – 1m in depth.  All that you need to add are drinks and perhaps someone to serve

How do we book with you?

Drop us an email or give us a call to for us to confirm prices and that we cover your area and also have the necessary tipis free in the diary. If you will be based at a location that we haven’t covered before we’ll arrange to come out and meet with you at the venue so we can talk face to face and survey the location.  If we’ve been there before will arrange to meet face to face with you where-ever it’s most convenient.  We unfortunately can’t hold dates without a deposit which is 25% of the booking. This locks out the tipis and your date in our diary and the final 75% is due one month before your event.