We hire tipis complete with trestle tables, benches and sheepskin furs

Tables – We’ll provide as many rectangular wooden rustic tables as you need which seat 6 to 8 guests and we can bring in large round wooden tables can seat up to 10 guests if required.  We will position them to your specific table plan requirements. If you require a traditional top table we can work this into our plans. Our tables are 2m by 70cm and consist of three lengths with a 2cm gap between each.

Matting – All of our tipis are fitted out with hard-wearing yet attractive matting. We can lay additional matting externally if required. We’ll also lay wooden dance floors to your desired size  All you have to do is dance on it!

Stages – Our stages are constructed from 8′ x 4′ sections.  Up to 3 sections joined together will comfortably fit in a tipi and gives more than enough room for DJs and small bands.

When we supply the tipis we wind all the poles where guests dine with warm white fairy lights to create magical backdrop.

Fairy Lights – The stunning and most popular way to light your tipis. Strings of fairies twirled around the spruce wood poles produce a magical, sparkling interior perfect to decorate your wedding tipi. We supply these as part of your hire

Chandeliers – Classic 8 bulb chandeliers can be suspended in the centre of your tipi and come fitted with a dimmer as standard so you can set the perfect mood.

LED Up-Lighters – Light up the canvas in a range of colours for a truly spectacular and unique effect.


Mirror Balls – For a classic disco feel have one of our dazzling rotating mirror balls hung above your dance floor.  Turn the spot lights on and see the effect the moving mirror tiles have on the giant tipis canvas – it’s fantastic

Spot Lights – To get the most out of your disco couple our pin spot lights with one of our eye catching retro mirror balls. We use both white and subtle coloured lighting to create that amazing party vibe!

Let us supply our fire-pits with fuel for your tipi event

Fires – Our large fires make a stunning feature in the centre of your tipi.  We supply with slow burning heat logs which produce much less smoke than fire wood.

Heaters – For late autumn, winter or early spring events our giant tipis can be fantastically snug, all you need is a thermostatically controlled indirect oil fired heater which we are happy to arrange for you.  They will warm your tipi in minutes no matter how chilly it is outside.

Are you dancing, we're asking? If so you should be under our glorious revolving mirror ball. It creates a stuning effect in the tipis

Catering – Need a catering tent that is linked into the tipis?  No problem – We can supply a 6m x 6m pagoda in the same tipi fabric perfectly linked into the tipis.

Toilets – Having a party in a field or garden?  Let us help you organise the loos for your event from luxury loo’s to themed “potting” sheds we work with partners who’ll help you look after your guests.

Generators – Need help sourcing a suitable sized generator for your event? We have partners around the country who we can recommend to get everything going as it should be.

These are just a few sample floor plan configurations we can set up for your event.  We will always endeavour to lay out your tipis and furnishings to your particular wishes.


Single giant tipi with seating for 54 – 72 guests and a central fire pit.


2 giant tipis with seating for 90 – 120 guests, fire pit and dance floor.


3 giant tipis in triangle structure with seating for 120 – 150 guests, fire pit, dance floor and stage.

A single tipi for a small party of 72 guests including firepit. Photography by Gerrard Photography
2 Tipi Website Image
Two tipis set for 96 guests
A wedding for 120 in three tipis
Three tipis set for 150 guests including stage for band