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Tipis are ideal for parties, weddings and events of up to 300 guests.  Our giant tipi are based on the traditional dwellings of the Sami people from northern Scandinavia. They are constructed from solid spruce wooden poles giving them exceptional strength (more than traditional marquees) in high winds and are incredibly waterproof. Tipis are warm and cosy in the coldest of weather while on hot days the sides can be raised to form a brim, like a giant hat, providing cool air and shade. Our canvas is flame retardant so you can relax around one of our eye catching fire pits as evening draws in or feel free to create an intimate atmosphere with beautiful candles.

Our tipis have a beautiful natural look with the exposed wooden spruce poles seemingly rising like trees from the ground. They provide a great blank canvas for you to personalise as you wish and can accommodate all themes from festival to opulence.

The best feature of our giant tipis is their ability to be joined together by our specially trained crew. This means we can link as many as required to accommodate any number of guests.


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